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Isabella's Journey $15.00
Isabella's Journey

Isabella's journey is a captivating story about one famiily's fight against the blood disorder thalassemia.

Engage in a heartfelt journey told from a Mother's perspective after her daughter Isabella is diagnosed with the blood disorder thalessemia major. Isabella's Journey shares the hardships Isabella faces as she is challenged by her disorder and her struggle to survive.

Hear the story of a Mother and young family who's love and support for each other carry them through their battle with thalessemia. In their times of extreme desperation and overwhelming heartache they find the inner strength to take on the medical system to find more answers, better treatments and gain medical approval for new drugs to treat thalessemia.

Isabella's Journey will move and uplift you as Serafina shares the courageous journey of one little girl and a family who will never give up in the fight against the blood disorder thalessimia.

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